About the project

The music and fantasy project “Sapphire Phoenix” started at 2010 in Saint Petersburg, but shortly after that the author and leader, Maria-Henrietta, moved to another country, and the creative work was paused “until better times come”. As surprising as it can be, such times indeed came, and during 2013-2014 we've managed to record the album 'Line' for your listening pleasure. We've worked hard to supply it with an impressive number of visual arts, to film a music video, to open project pages in the social networks and, finally, to create this site, which was completely reworked ad 2016. Today Sapphire Phoenix is one of the most unusual groups of Russian-speaking rock. We combine a quality music, lyrics in Russian, progressive metal elements and ethnic stylizations. Our repertoire includes our own unique creative works and cool covers of Western performers. We're sure that ROCK IS BEAUTIFUL. If you like this, you're welcome to join!